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Online gaming is on the rise in the Philippines and when a popular traditional game cockfighting takes itself online, then gaming enthusiasts are surely going to like it. Sabong, an online version of the old cockfighting game has drawn a huge mass with its accessibility and convenience to residents of different areas. Peso888’s online sabong has unique features, immersive gameplay and an exciting and entertaining gaming experience. Want to read more about this game? Then join Peso888 today and start your online betting journey with us and unlock countless prizes and rewards.

About Sabong: A Cultural Sport

about sabong: a cultural sport

Sabong is an online version of the traditional cockfighting game where two roosters engage in a fierce battle in a cockpit arena. Players can participate and bet online to win lucrative rewards and bonuses through high-quality streaming. The game has a cultural touch and is an age-old traditional game for the local communities. Register now at Peso888 and learn more about this game.

Traditional Cockfighting vs Sabong

The previous one, deeply rooted in Philippine culture and history, is a traditional practice where cockfights unfold in community-based arenas. This age-old tradition involves on-site betting, and cultural rituals, and holds immense cultural importance in diverse regions of the Philippines.

traditional cockfighting vs sabong

On the other hand, online sabong is a contemporary adaptation that occurs on digital platforms through live streaming, virtual participation, and online betting. Numerous online sabong platforms, including those integrated with online slot games, have emerged in the Philippines, providing participants with convenience and accessibility regardless of their location within the country. These digital platforms broaden the spectrum of options available to enthusiasts, offering a modern twist to the cultural practice of sabong.

How Does Sabong Work

E-sabong or online sabong represents a more accessible and convenient iteration of traditional cockfighting, requiring only a mobile phone and an internet connection. Through any e-sabong app like Peso888 app, individuals can participate from virtually anywhere. In addition to apps, interested parties can also access matches through a web browser. Online sabong fights are streamed live online, and participants can place bets through various agents on different platforms.

how does sabong work

While online version closely mirrors the experience of watching a live sabong fight in an arena, the distinct quality lies in the remote nature of the proceedings. Online sabong matches, executed by Pagcor-licensed operators, bring the entire experience to participants through virtual means.

One notable feature of online version is the variety of viewing angles provided, enhancing the entertainment value and offering viewers a closer look at the fights. This is a notable contrast to in-person games, where visibility of the cockfight may be challenging, especially from a distant seating position.

How to Place Bets on Sabong at Peso888

Mastering intricate sabong betting terminology is unnecessary for enjoying this sport. Unlike other sports, there are no complex over/under or prop bets to fret over. To learn how to bet on sabong, start by understanding that there are two roosters in the middle. One is the ‘llamado,’ the crowd favorite tipped to win, possibly due to its form or breed. 

how to place bets on sabong at Peso888

The other is the ‘dejado’ or the underdog, with lower odds of winning. Similar to regular sports betting, placing your bet on the “llamado” increases your chances of winning, albeit with a lower payout. If you seek more risk with potentially higher payouts, opt for the “dejado.”

The payout in sabong betting hinges on the odds. Sabong odds start at “sampu siyam” or ten percent, progressing to “walo” or twenty percent, then “anim” for thirty percent, and can reach “tress” or fifty percent. In some instances, the odds for the rooster can go “doblado” or 100 percent. Understanding these odds is essential for making informed and strategic bets in this game.

Advantages of Sabong on Peso888

advantages of sabong on Peso888

There are several positive points of playing online version on our platform. These are as follows:


Online version offers the convenience of participating in cockfighting matches from the comfort of one’s home or any location with internet access. This eliminates the need for physical presence at traditional cockfighting arenas, saving time and reducing transportation costs.


The online format makes game more accessible to a broader audience, including the elderly, people with disabilities, and individuals residing in remote areas. It provides an avenue for those who may face physical limitations or logistical challenges in attending traditional cockfighting events to actively engage in the cultural tradition.


Online format eliminates the physical risks associated with live animal handling in traditional cockfighting. This virtual format ensures a safer experience for participants, reducing the likelihood of injuries to both roosters and handlers.

Economic Opportunities 

The emergence of online sabong platforms creates economic opportunities for various stakeholders in the cockfighting industry. Platform operators, breeders, trainers, and handlers can benefit from the increased reach and audience engagement. The larger online audience contributes to enhanced revenue generation, fostering economic growth within the cockfighting sector in the Philippines.

Social Bonding and Community Engagement 

Online format can also play a crucial role in uniting individuals from diverse backgrounds to partake in the enjoyment of the sport. It serves as a catalyst for building social bonds and nurturing relationships within the community.

Challenges and Opportunities in Online Sabong

challenges and opportunities in online sabong

Online version is widely popular in the Philippines after the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, it brings both challenges and opportunities that can shape the future of this age-old game.

Challenges Facing Online Sabong

Below are the challenges that this game might face which are as follows:

  • Legal and Regulatory Hurdles: Online format encounters substantial regulatory challenges across various countries, with legality issues and heavy regulations complicating operational matters. The dynamic nature of the legal landscape adds complexity, making seamless and secure operations a constant challenge.
  • Ethical Concerns and Animal Welfare: The traditional practice of cockfighting has long faced ethical criticisms regarding animal welfare. The transition to online platforms raises new ethical questions surrounding the treatment and monitoring of roosters, as well as potential issues like illegal activities and match-fixing.
  • Technical Obstacles: Establishing and maintaining an online sabong platform necessitates robust technical infrastructure to ensure fair gameplay and secure financial transactions. Overcoming technical glitches and ensuring a smooth user experience are critical challenges.
  • Market Competition: The increasing entry of platforms into the online sabong market intensifies competition, placing pressure on profitability, innovation, and marketing efforts to attract and retain users.

Opportunities for Online Sabong

On the other hand, it provides some opportunities for us which are as follows:

  • Global Reach: The internet provides a platform for connecting the game enthusiasts globally. Online platforms have the potential to cater to a broader audience, fostering a more diverse community of players and fans.
  • Enhanced Transparency: Online format can introduce heightened transparency to the sport. Digital records of matches, bets, and outcomes reduce the risk of fraud and cheating, fostering trust among participants.
  • Technological Advancements: Advancements in technology, such as live streaming and virtual reality, offer opportunities to enhance the online version experience. High-quality broadcasts can bring the excitement of the game to a global audience.
  • Diversification of Betting Options: Online version platforms can expand their offerings with a broader range of betting options and variations of the sport, appealing to a wider audience and diversifying revenue streams.
  • Educational Initiatives: Online format platforms can play a role in educating the public about the sport’s cultural significance, traditions, and historical value. This initiative aims to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of sabong.

Sabong Winning Tips on Peso888

sabong winning tips on Peso888

Peso888 offers three main tricks to improve your game and chances of winning it. These are as follows:

Choose the Rooster with a Proven Winning Record 

In every online sabong round, two roosters take center stage – the favorite with a history of victories known as the “llamado” and the underdog termed “dejado.” Opting for the llamado, the obvious favorite, implements one of the fundamental strategies, offering a success rate of up to 90%. While the payout for favored roosters may be lower, sticking with battle-tested cocks with numerous wins is a preferable strategy to avoid losses.

Evaluate the Rooster’s Form and Behavior 

When faced with roosters of nearly equal strength and records, assessing their form and morale becomes crucial. Abandoning the cliché of always betting on the favorite, consider which rooster has displayed better performance and aggression in recent online sabong fights. According to veterans of this game, roosters with high morale are more likely to emerge victorious. Additional tips related to rooster forms include considering their weight and health, making these factors valuable for regular players.

Listen to the Announcers’ Commentary on Rooster Statistics 

A key strategy involves placing bets based on commentated statistics provided by announcers before a round. The announcers typically disclose the roosters’ records, offering valuable insights into their capabilities. Betting on the rooster with the statistical advantage is a wise move, aligning with informed decision-making based on their recent and established records.

Tricks to Maximize Sabong Win Rate on Peso888

tricks to maximize sabong win rate on Peso888

Embarking on your online version journey comes with the promise of excitement and potential winnings. To ensure a rewarding experience, consider the following tips and tricks:

  • Start Small, Progress Wisely: Initiate your online sabong venture with modest bets, allowing yourself to acclimate to the dynamics of the game. As you accumulate wins and gain confidence, judiciously increase your stakes. This progressive approach mitigates potential losses and ensures a sustainable betting strategy.
  • Knowledge is Key – Bet on Familiar Roosters: Channel your bets towards rounds featuring well-known roosters that you have extensively researched. In-depth knowledge about a rooster’s history, strengths, and fighting style enhances your predictive abilities. In the realm of this game, informed decisions often lead to successful outcomes.
  • Strategic Underdog Betting for Enhanced Payouts: Introduce an element of strategy by occasionally betting on roosters considered slight underdogs. While the risk is higher, the potential payouts are also more lucrative. This calculated approach adds variety to your betting strategy and can significantly boost your winnings.


It is a traditional Filipino term for cockfighting, a popular sport and form of entertainment involving two gamecocks, or roosters, pitted against each other in a controlled environment.

Peso888 operates similarly to traditional cockfighting but in a virtual environment. Players can watch live-streamed matches, place bets, and participate in various game-related activities.

Peso888 typically offers realistic gameplay, a wide range of betting options, live streaming of matches, and secure, fair gaming environments. Peso888 also provides additional features like promotions and rewards.


For players venturing into the world of online sabong, a strategic and informed approach is paramount. Leveraging knowledge about roosters, adopting progressive betting strategies, and occasionally exploring underdog opportunities can contribute to a rewarding experience. As the online format landscape evolves, may enthusiasts find both entertainment and success in this modern iteration of a cherished tradition. Place your bets wisely on Peso888, and may the roosters bring you a fortune in this exciting digital arena. Download the Peso888 app now!