Peso888’s Fishing Games: A Perfect Combo of Adventure and Rewards

fishing games

Do you like shooting games? Are you fond of cannons and looking for games that have such things? Do you feel that your destiny is in your hands? Then your search is over. Peso888 offers a variety of Fishing games that include shooting fish with cannons. Let us walk you through the amazing games collection on Peso888. Register today on the Peso888 App and get a chance to win a Daily Reload Bonus of 20%. In this post, we will talk about the games we offer, how to play and tips and tricks to win these games.

What are Fishing Games?

what are fishing games

Fishing games are fun-filled shooting-themed games where you shoot fish with cannons on different sides of the board to win rewards. This game takes you underwater and there are various fish available on the board and they can enter or leave the board frequently. These fish exhibit unique rewards with them and players need to choose which fish to shoot and gain more rewards. Some are small and big fish; when you shoot big fish, you win bigger rewards.

How to Play Fishing Games?

Fishing games are one of the coolest innovative games that can be played by two to four players. The game consists of some tanks, cannons and fish of various kinds. The players begin shooting these fish with cannons to win rewards. The cannons are placed on different sides of the gameboard and all the players have to shoot the same pool of fish. 

how to play fishing games

There are various kinds of fish in terms of health and speed. The smaller fish have relatively slow speeds and small rewards as compared to big fish. This means smaller fish can be shot easily to gain a few rewards. Players can decide which fish to shoot and reap how many rewards they can.

To play Fishing games on our platform, register on the Peso888 app, navigate to the Fishing Games section, and select your favourite games to play and win exciting rewards and daily bonuses. 

Finest Fishing Games Available at Peso888

finest fishing games available at Peso888

Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned player, Peso888 offers trending and exciting fishing games for all kinds of players. The popular fishing games are listed below:

Mega Fishing

It is a highly competitive fishing game that can be played among two to four players. The game aims to shoot the creatures in the water on the board and win huge prizes. There are some levels of the game and the more you go past those levels, the more creatures like Giant Crocodile and Mega Octopus come with bigger rewards. Players have the choice to shoot the fish in the water and win rewards. Remember that the more you bet, the bigger your chances to win huge rewards.

Dragon Fortune

This is a dragon-themed game beneath water and you have various weapons like railguns and missiles to kill the dragons at different levels. If you bet more, you win more rewards. Once you raise your bets, you will have higher chances to get more bonuses. The gameplay is interactive with fantastic graphics. Players who love fantasy games will like this one to check out.

Dinosaur Tycoon

This game will take you to the world of dinosaurs and dragons. The various types of dragons are roaming around and you need to hit them with cannons. You can break the dragon egg to activate the multipliers, Golden T-Rex to shoot and win the prize multiplier and can shoot mammoths to increase your multipliers. The gameplay is fascinating and the rewards are exciting to win.

Jackpot Fishing

This game involves certain special fish and other creatures underwater which you can shoot and win rewards. The game has a Jackpot system where you can win the Jackpot that can be done by hitting the Jackpot fish and Jackpot dragon as they create higher chances of winning the Jackpot. The interactive and simple gameplay makes it easy to understand the game. Other weapons like Free Electric Cannon make the game more interesting for the players. Always remember that the more you bet, the more you win.

Royal Fishing

This is another fascinating fishing game like others. The gameplay including the sea creatures like special fish and crabs is similar to other games. The immortal Boss and Awaken Boss are also present which can give you high multipliers. Just like other games, the more you bet, the more chances of winnings can be created. The attractive interface and amazing graphics capture your attention to the fullest.

Why Choose Fishing Games at Peso888?

why choose fishing games at Peso888

Peso888 provides all the features of fishing games that every player needs. The main features that Peso888 offers and make it different from other platforms are as follows:

3D Environment and Visual Effects

The underwater display is unique and visually it looks like you are in the seawater. Peso888 ensures that the quality of the game is super high and players should connect with the game. Players feel like they are fishing thanks to the advanced technologies we have in every game. The water creatures look real and stunning and other weapons to use and hit look real too.


Peso888 ensures that every game is easy and simple to play. This feature makes us unique. The gameplay is interactive, smooth and enjoyable and the controls are easy to use. There is a help section in every game that provides general information about the game. There are some levels of difficulties and the newcomer can choose the easiest level to play and develop the skills to win rewards. Experienced players can choose the toughest level which includes bigger bets and bigger rewards. 

Enticing Bonuses and Promotions

The very first thing is you can get a daily reload bonus of 20% on Fishing games. In many games, you can capture various kinds of fish to win rewards, bonuses and multipliers. You have weapons like torpedoes, cannons, etc to increase the chances of winning more rewards and bonuses. These activities make the game more enjoyable and rewarding and competitiveness among the players.

Tips to Win at Peso888 Fishing Games

tips to win at Peso888 fishing games

Before you learn the tips to win at Fishing games, remember how each game works and their features too. The following tips do not guarantee you to win the games but can create significant chances of winning the games.

Understand Each Game Uniqueness

Recognize the uniqueness of each fish table game. While they may seem similar, nuances exist, such as variations in fish speed and payout sizes. Develop transferable skills, but also rely on a bit of luck, understanding that not all fish tables are created equal.

Start With Small Bets

Ease into the world of casino fish games, recognizing that, much like other forms of gambling, a measured approach can be more effective than diving in headfirst. Rather than chasing big wins from the start, begin modestly, allowing for a more enjoyable experience and increasing your chances of success as you gain familiarity with the game.

Aim for Consistency

Dispelling a common misconception, focus on consistency rather than constantly chasing significant jackpots. Aiming for big wins may seem enticing, but a more sustainable and less frustrating strategy involves adopting a long-term perspective.

Check how many Bullets you have

Regardless of whether you’re engaging in fish table gambling online or at a physical casino, consider the number of “bullets” (shots) at your disposal. Be strategic in using your bullets, weighing risks based on the situation. Having more bullets allows for a more liberal approach, while a conservative strategy may be wiser in certain circumstances.

Don’t Begin Shooting Straightaway

Exercise patience when playing fish table games. Instead of immediately shooting at the fish, take a moment to assess their patterns and choose targets more thoughtfully. This deliberate approach can contribute to a steadier and more successful gaming experience.

Target Slower Fish

While aiming for fast-moving fish can be thrilling, it’s often more challenging and may result in fewer winnings. Consider an alternative approach by targeting slower fish. While the payouts may not be as significant, this strategy allows you to build up your winnings more steadily and prolong your gaming session.

Know When To Quit

Maintain self-awareness and know when to quit. If the game is not going in your favor or you’ve reached your budget limit, consider stepping back. It’s essential to recognize when exerting more effort becomes counterproductive and to revisit the game another day.


Playing fishing games on Peso888 is straightforward. Log in to your account, navigate to the Fishing Games section, select a game, and follow the on-screen instructions. Typically, players use virtual controls to aim and shoot at fish to earn points.

Fishing games on Peso888 come with various features, including different types of fish, special power-ups, and bonus rounds. Some games may also include jackpot features or unique challenges for players to explore on a user-friendly interface on Peso888.

Yes, Peso888 is optimized for mobile play, allowing users to enjoy fishing games on their smartphones or tablets. The platform is accessible through web browsers on mobile devices, providing a seamless gaming experience on the go.


Dive into the world of Fishing Games at Peso888 and enjoy the seamless gaming experience. The best visual graphics, 3D environment, enticing bonuses and rewards and user-friendly interface make it the best destination for all kinds of gaming enthusiasts. The newcomers can choose the difficulty level of the game and can bet accordingly. Hence, we do not ask you to bet more directly as we promote safe, reliable and secure gambling. Register today on the Peso888 app and enjoy the fishing adventure like never before. Play Now!