Jackpot Fishing on Peso888: Fishing Adventure to Target the Jackpot

jackpot fishing

How about you win a Jackpot in a Fishing game? Many of us want to win one big Jackpot. This dream can come true with Jackpot Fishing where the name itself suggests about the Jackpot. Peso888 offers this fabulous fishing game on its platform and you can hit the fish to enjoy amazing rewards and bonuses. Join us now, download our Peso888 app and target the Jackpot. Let us walk you through the various aspects of the game.

About Jackpot Fishing

about jackpot fishing

This is another amazing game from JILI Gaming. The game consists of weapons like a torpedo and special species of fish that exhibit various rewarding multipliers to make you rich. There are three different levels of the game and there is a Jackpot at the end of the game to target and win it. The jackpot prize depends on the total bet you make. Let’s dive more into its features and gameplay.

Jackpot Fishing Features and Characteristics

jackpot fishing features and characteristics

Dive into the captivating features of Jackpot Fishing and explore the unique elements that make this game an exhilarating underwater adventure:

Thunder Shark

Successfully eliminating the Thunder Shark triggers lightning strikes, creating a random pattern that electrifies the surrounding fish. This dynamic effect opens up additional opportunities to catch more fish and enhance your chances of earning rewarding prizes.

Crab Torpedoes

Taking down the Crab Torpedoes initiates the launch of bombs targeting nearby fish. This explosive feature provides a strategic advantage by allowing you to eliminate multiple fish simultaneously, increasing your chances of securing valuable prizes.


Eliminating the Anemones sets off a powerful whirlwind sweeping through the pond, dealing with the fish in its path. This whirlwind effect strategically enables you to eliminate multiple fish with a single shot, adding a tactical aspect to your gameplay.

Primitive Fish

Encounter unique fish such as Angkin Fish and Lucky Turtles, presenting additional opportunities to boost your winnings. Successfully targeting and eliminating these special fish rewards you with extra cash prizes, elevating the excitement and profitability of your gaming experience.

Master of The Sea

Face formidable creatures like the Giant Octopus and Golden Shark. Although these fish cannot be killed, continuous shooting within a limited time frame accumulates cash prizes. Seize this unique opportunity to amass rewards before these majestic creatures swim out of the pond.

Treasure Bowl

When the Treasure Bowl emerges, seize the chance to shoot continuously for extra cash rewards. However, if you successfully eliminate the Treasure Bowl, an even more substantial bonus awaits you, adding an extra layer of excitement to your underwater journey. Explore the depths and reel in the rewards in Jackpot Fishing!

Jackpot Fishing Payouts

jackpot fishing payouts

The following table will give the complete details of the payouts.

Normal Fish2x-35x
Golden Angelfish50x
Golden Clownfish55x
Golden Marta Ray60x
Armored Fish20x-30x/100x-150x
Fortune Terrapin40x-50x/200x-250x
Thunder Shark70x,90x
Torpedo Crab80x,100x
Sea Anemone90x,110x
King Squid60x,120x,180x
Golden Shark80x,160x,240x
Treasure BowlJoy Hall- 3x/168x,666x
Regal Hall- 3x/168x,666x,888x
Jackpot Fish66x,88x,168x,Jackpots
Jackpot Dragon160x,240x,320x,Jackpots

Tips to win at Jackpot Fishing

tips to win at jackpot fishing

The below tips will help you to improve your game as well as your chances of winning the game. These are as follows:

  1. Master the Game Mechanics: A solid understanding of Jackpot Fishing’s game mechanics is the foundation of success. Refer to the comprehensive guide in the previous section, covering gameplay, betting options, special fish, and the lucky jackpot system.
  2. Target Special Fish: Special fish, including the Thunder Shark, Crab Torpedoes, Anemones, Primitive Fish, Angkin Fish, and Lucky Turtles, hold unique abilities and lucrative rewards. Focus your efforts on capturing these valuable targets for maximum gains.
  3. Utilize Weapon Abilities: Jackpot Fishing provides an array of weapons, such as torpedoes and electric guns, each with distinct capabilities. Strategically choose your weapon based on the situation; for instance, torpedoes deal significant damage to large fish but deduct 6 times your current bet.
  4. Pay Attention to Lucky Jackpot Opportunities: The Lucky Jackpot system introduces substantial winning potential. Review the previous section outlining the “Game Features of Jackpot Fishing Arcade Game” to comprehend the conditions and prerequisites for securing jackpot victories.
  5. Develop a Targeting Strategy: Efficiency in shooting and prize accumulation hinges on a well-crafted targeting strategy. Leverage the target lock function to concentrate on specific fish and ensure precise shots. Prioritize special fish for their higher rewards and their contribution to the lucky jackpot system. Additionally, aim for fish with multipliers or those triggering special effects, like the Thunder Shark’s lightning strikes.


Dive into the exhilarating world of high-speed fishing at Peso888, where you can target special fish with unique abilities and aim for incredible jackpot opportunities. With a combination of precision, strategy, and a touch of luck, Peso888 provides the ideal platform for you to enjoy this thrilling fishing game and reel in substantial wins. Embark on an unforgettable fishing adventure by registering on the Peso888 app today. Best of luck, and may your fishing expedition be filled with joy and abundant rewards! Happy fishing!

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