Dragon Fortune Fishing on Peso888: Dragons, Reels and Wins

dragon fishing

Do you want to roam into the world of dragons? Well, we made it real for you on Peso888. Immerse yourself in the Dragon Fortune Fishing realm where your choice of bet adjustments and strategic paylines becomes the key to unlocking substantial winnings. Join Peso888 now and read more about this fantastic game in this post and also follow us to learn more about other casino games.

About Dragon Fortune Fishing

about dragon fortune fishing

Explore the latest addition to the casino fishing scene with Dragon Fortune Fishing Game, brought to you by JILI. Immerse yourself in the excitement of this new casino fishing experience! Delve into the diverse features of the game, encountering the alluring Gold Rock Dragon, the dynamic Effects Dragon, and the opportunity to secure dazzling prizes with the Jewel Super Prize Dragon. Unearth the mysteries concealed within the Immortal Dragon King, the Awakening Dragon King, and the Special Dragon King, intensifying the thrill and excitement of your gaming experience. 

Dragon Fortune Fishing Features

dragon fortune fishing features

Get ready to explore the unique features of this game which are as follows:

Gold Rock Dragon

The more you bet, the higher your potential rewards, reaching a maximum payout of up to 80,000. Elevate your bet for increased chances of unlocking these enticing bonuses.

Effects Dragon

Dragon eliminations in Dragon Fortune Fishing Game trigger various effects, adding complexity to the gameplay:

  • Chain Lightning: After a kill, nearby dragons experience Chain Lightning, resulting in the explosion of targeted groups of pterodactyls.
  • Beam Cannon: Successful kills reward you with three rounds of the powerful Beam Cannon, inflicting straight-line large-scale damage to the pterodactyls.
  • Soundwave Stun: Post-elimination, a soundwave activates, randomly stunning the pterodactyls within its range.

Jewel Super Prize Dragon

While shooting, players can receive the base multiplier rate or a fortunate 2x Super Prize. Each kill presents a chance to earn a 5x Super Wealth reward. Accumulate jewels by defeating Jewel Dragons as the Crystal Bonus is contingent on the number of jewels collected.

Immortal Dragon King – Nether Dragon

Striking the Nether Dragon might grant you the Nether Dragon multiplier, causing shockwaves that attack surrounding small dragons. The multiplier for each dragon type can reach as high as 720 times, offering substantial rewards.

Awakening Dragon King – Ice Dragon, Flame Dragon

Eliminating an Infernal Dragon or Ice Dragon triggers a magnificent Awakening Attack and provides an opportunity to win significant prizes.

Special Dragon King – Sky Dragon

Hitting a Sky Dragon activates the Sky Dragon’s tornado, collecting up to 888 times the amount of gold coins within its range. Shooting treasure chests around the Sky Dragon may yield various rewards, up to a maximum of 40 times.

Prize Multiplier

Attacking dragon types labeled as “Prize Multiplier” can randomly shoot out multiplier items (10%, 20%, 30%), applying the multiplier to all dragon types killed within 20 seconds.

Dragon Fortune Fishing Payouts

dragon fortune fishing payouts

The following table will give the detailed payouts of this game which is as follows:

General Fish2x-30x
Golden Clownfish35x
Golden Marta Ray40x
Golden Shark45x
Thunder Consecutive50x-70x
Drill Bit Lobster20x-80x
Serial Bomb Crab60x-80x
Multiplier Puffer20x-100x
Golden Toad70x-120x
Lobster King90x-150x
Crystal Crab80x-200x
Fortune Turtle100x-250x
Gold Dragon140x-350x

Tips to win at Dragon Fortune Fishing

tips to win at dragon fortune fishing

Explore our top 5 strategies to enhance your success in Dragon Fortune Fishing, covering crucial aspects like target control, weapon selection, smart betting, game room choice, and leveraging dragon abilities.

Master Your Target Control

  • Utilize the auto-shoot feature effectively. Let it handle targeting while you concentrate on precise aiming and shooting.
  • Strategically aim for dragons, considering their types and associated rewards. Some dragons trigger special effects upon defeat, leading to more substantial wins.

Weapon Selection Matters

  • Experiment with different weapons to find your ideal match, considering attributes like fire rate and damage.
  • Recognize the effectiveness of each weapon against specific dragon types. Maximize your winnings by choosing the right weapon for the situation.

Bet Wisely and Understand Paylines

  • Intelligently place your bets by adjusting them according to your understanding of the paytable.
  • Grasp the correlation between paylines and potential payouts. Tailor your bets to optimize results based on your comprehension of the game’s intricacies.

Capitalize on Game Room Selection

  • Apply your knowledge of selecting the right game room from the guide. Different rooms present varied challenges and rewards, so choose one that aligns with your strategy.
  • Assess your skills and objectives to make informed decisions about the game room that suits your gameplay style.

Exploit Dragon Abilities

  • Familiarize yourself with the effects triggered by defeating dragons, as detailed in the Game Features of Dragon Fortune Fishing.
  • Learn to predict and exploit these effects during gameplay. Timed shots can lead to significant victories, enhancing your overall success in Dragon Fortune Fishing.


Dragon Fortune Fishing Game is a thrilling adventurous game. Beginning with a detailed introduction, we grasped the fundamental aspects of the game. Progressing further, we immersed ourselves in the mechanics and features, arming ourselves with the necessary knowledge for success. With a well-crafted approach and a sprinkle of luck, players can triumph over dragons, unveil hidden treasures, and savor the exhilaration of victory. Dive into the world of dragons on Peso888 by registering the Peso888 app and winning countless bonuses and rewards. Download the app now!

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